The Advantages of E Cigarette

There are many reasons why you should quit smoking. Apart from the fact that you are just wasting your money over some packs of cigarettes every day, you are also exposing yourself to a lot of health conditions. Did you know that smokers are three times more at risk to experienced heart attack than non smokers? Worst of all, you are also exposed to a deadly condition known as lung cancer. Apart from affecting your health, smoking can also allow a person to decrease its physical appeal to many people. Smokers have yellow teeth and can smell foul. It might because of tar content found in cigarettes. Most smokers might not know it but cigarettes contain 4000 compounds and all of these are known to be harmful and can damage your cells.

If you like to smoke but didn’t want to do it because you are concerned about your health, its time you consider using e cigarettes. Today, many smokers are switching to use e cigarette rather not using a real cigarette. E Cigarette is designed to look and taste like a real cigarette – although its price is quite expensive compared to the real one. However, if you value your health, price should not matter at all. There are many reasons why you should use e cigarettes. The reasons are listed below.

•    Isn’t categorized as tobacco so therefore, it is not under the law of tobacco. You can smoke it in places that don’t allow tobacco smoking.

•    Lesser harmful ingredients. A typical cigarette contains at least 4000 harmful compounds while e cigarette only contains 3 to 20 compounds.

•    No tar content. The reason why smokers are at risk to experienced lung cancer is because of tartar that will fill up their lungs. 70 percent of tar components in cigarettes are deposited inside your lungs.

If you still love your life, quit smoking real cigarette - instead use E cigarette and make yourself safe and sound.

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